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Our children’s education is critical to their success. We need legislation that supports enhancing the learning environment so that students can reach their potential. This includes adequate funding, proper textbooks, and classroom materials. Teachers need ongoing support and training. We need to be able to monitor progress so we know where improvement is needed.

I stand with the MEA, I stand with Manchester Proud, I believe teachers and support staff need to be paid a living wage so that they do not have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. This causes several consequences. First: teachers leave the school district for better paying positions. Second, this leaves the ones who remain with larger class sizes, increased responsibilities (working multiple jobs yet having to keep up with their teaching requirements), increased stress, and decreased ability to meet the needs of the students individually. Ultimately, we need to do whatever it takes to invest in our children's futures.

I do not agree with public funds being used for private and homeschooling costs. Public schools suffer enough financially. They need increased support, not money being siphoned away.