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About Candace

As a Registered Nurse and mother of two, I value the importance of our educational system. We need policies that work for the children and their families. We need to ensure that the schools have what they need. We need to support our teachers as they educate and train our young people to become successful adults. I want to do what I can to serve in this regard.




(603) 782-6470

Areas of Interest and Hobbies


Candace played the clarinet as a child and is now teaching it to herself again. She enjoys being able to create music.


Candace's husband taught her how to sew, since he made costumes for high school plays. Now she has taken classes and has made various pieces of clothing for children and adults, numerous curtains and blankets, and other pieces.


Reading is one of Candace's favorite pastimes. She enjoys reading nonfiction, particularly regarding areas of public interest. Two of her favorite recent and semi-recent titles have been “Just Mercy” and “A Higher Loyalty”. Her wishlist for upcoming titles is always growing.


Candace enjoys skiing in the winter. She has skied in Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire. She would like to ski in Colorado and Utah one day.

volunteer service

Candace has a heart for helping people in need in the local community. She routinely gives to food banks, and has helped serve holiday meals on multiple occasions at churches and the Salvation Army.

Community involvement

Candace regularly attends BOSC meetings that are open to the public, as she has vested interest in issues pertaining to the school system. She wants to become aware of the areas of opportunity within the schools so that she knows how she can best provide help.

travel/humanitarian aid

Candace used to be a staff member at Teen Missions International. As such, she has been able to do projects all over the world, including building schools, hospitals and churches. She has traveled to Japan, Great Britain, Mozambique, South Africa, Germany, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sweden, Honduras, Belize, Rwanda and other countries. She enjoys being able to immerse herself in foreign cultures and help those in need. She is currently registered to go to Malawi in 2019 with Nurses for Africa.


Candace has tutored several students: beginning in high school, continuing in college, as well as after college. She taught as a long-term sub at Memorial High School and as a daily sub at Derryfield.

role models

The non-exhaustive list of people who have encouraged Candace's growth and development, whom she is inspired by, include Dr. Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Bill Gates, Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, Barack and Michelle Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Bernie Sanders. This list is in no particular order and does not include everyone.

What you need to know for the general election

This is as of November 9, 2018 and is subject to change should new information arise.

We had a great election cycle. Unfortunate that we didn’t win this time, but I look forward to representing and serving the people of New Hampshire in the future. This section will be updated when the next political season begins.

It's time for you to exercise your right to vote! Here is what you need to know:

Polling locations and hours

Manchester Ward 9: Bishop O'Neil Center, 30 S Elm Street, Manchester NH 03103     6am to 7pm

Can I register to vote at the polls?

Yes. The policies can be found here. You should bring documentation proving your domicile if readily available. If it is not, or if you forget, you have 10 days to produce it. Effort should be made to bring it to the polls, however. You may still register to vote up to six to thirteen days prior to the election, but you should call to confirm this with your city or town clerk.

General rules

If you are in line by the time the polls close, you are allowed to vote. Simply stay in line.

Inside the building, basically, stay quiet, don't wear or distribute campaign materials, and use common sense. Specific rules can be found here. Do not bring any alcohol, threaten/intimidate/coerce another voter, tamper with ballots, or do anything else that a reasonable, prudent person would not do, and you should be fine.

Know your rights

ACLU regarding voter intimidation 

weather and conditions/mobility concerns

I want all voters to enjoy their voting experience. Please dress appropriately for the weather. This includes boots should there be precipitation. At some of the polling locations, the stairs can be quite slippery. There were some trips and falls during the primary election. I will be standing at the Ward 8 and Ward 9 polling places throughout the day. If I am there, regardless of who they are voting for, I will gladly help someone who needs mobility assistance. As a nurse, I am concerned about people’s safety, and do not want to see anyone injured. Please feel free to ask me for help if you see me. I will be wearing a pink winter jacket holding a totem with my signs attached. Also, at 5’0”, my height makes me recognizable. Feel free to come to me at any point if you need help.

See you at the polls! Get out the vote!

Recent Press

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— Gandhi

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